What Makes a Good Story?

In Curious Mode is an account of the magic, means and methods of storytelling.


A story envelopes both the creator and the audience.

A great storyteller will consider not just the content but the context of where it exists and by whom it will be received.  

Both the storyteller and the audience share equal value in the meaning and success of a tale. It’s not just about the story you tell, but about how your content is interpreted, what emotions it delivers and whether it is believable and trustworthy.

Building a brand story is not about shouting aloud for attention, but about building a meaningful human connection with your audience, a tangible experience that recognises the audience and identifies with them on a personal level.  That tangible connection is too often lost in an increasingly digital world, and through studying the behavioural trends, it becomes evident that people are longing for that deeper human connection.  One which can be established both on and offline, whatever the medium or platform.

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